Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Articles to come

I plan to put as many articles as I have time for up on this site. Hopefully, some of them will be useful to somebody. I have so many ideas for articles to write that I can never actually get round to doing any of them without another idea coming up. Hopefully this blog will save me the technical hassle of running a website, so that my ideas can translate to the web as soon as I think of them. Some ideas:

Software reviews - I don't plan to review the latest greatest software, more likely software that has matured a little and that I consider useful and worth the money.

Software/Freeware listing - A listing of all of the software or freeware that I use day-to-day in my job and at home. I won't just include programs unless I actually still use them.

Articles on computing issues - I'm not going to tackle things like "Which processor should I use?" or similar tripe, but rather the unanswered questions, the unsolved problems and the day-to-day dilemmas that occur to me. For example, I may write an article on viruses - not how to get rid of them or even write them but why hasn't anyone wrote the ultimate "killer"-virus to end all viruses?

Computer-related anecdotes and ludicrous questions that I've been asked in the past.

Programming ideas

And (as they say) much, much more...

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