Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Seeing how I've been looking back at some of my older games recently, having been disillusioned with most modern ones and without a computer to play them on for a while, I was horrified to spot this bit of news:

Take a 16 kilobyte game, of classic nature, with fast, simplified gameplay, clear objectives, simple controls, that used to run on a processor of only a handful of MHz.

"Upgrade" it for modern machines, in the process making the screen hideously difficult to see what's going on, full of fancy unnecessary effects, several of which do nothing more than make the ENTIRE gameplay field obscured from the player's view, add extremely primitive multiplayer into a game never designed to have it and only release it (online) for one of the most powerful modern games consoles.

And in the process remove years of good game-playing memories.

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