Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mirror of Projectfiles.com / lfw.sourceforge.net rc.firewall

Having just completed a set of instructions for a group of Linux newbies on how to set up a firewall, I then discovered that my favourite Linux iptables firewall script has all-but gone from the Internet. I checked Google, both "official" websites (including the Freshmeat.net mirror) and archive.org. Still no joy. Luckily I had kept a copy of this GPL script, which I have mirrored.

For those people who have had trouble finding the script that's been hosted at both ProjectFiles.com and http://lfw.sourceforge.net you can download the rc.firewall script at the following address:


This is the 2.0 "final" version. I have the documentation mirrored too. Oh, and I assume that the reason that the archive.org site has no mirror is that the author wants no more to do with it. So be polite if you do need to contact them (the above file has their email address etc.) and don't bother me for support, either! (You probably couldn't afford me!).


Jerry McBride said...

I'm still waiting to get a copy of the documentation...

Anytime now would be most welcomed.

Thank you. Jerry.

Ledow said...

I will get around to uploading the documentation... I will get around to uploading the documentation... I will get around to uploading the documentation. And I'm sure if I keep saying it enough, it'll be true. :-)

I DEFINITELY still have the files but at the time of writing, I was still able to find the cached pages on various places. Looks like now there is NO trace of the thing whatsoever (especially given that this page itself is quite high up on Google when looking for the script). Now that I know that there's definite demand, I'll try and get the documentation up ASAP.

Ledow said...

All the documentation I could collate has been put in the same place mentioned in the post. Be aware that some of it still mentions "2.0rc9" etc. instead of "2.0final" but as far as I'm aware, it works exactly the same (although I couldn't get the CHANGELOG to find out!)

Thanks for your patience.