Thursday, March 06, 2008

Darren Stone's WinXScreensaver mirror

Ever since I posted my article about the substrate screensaver, I've been getting emails of thanks (even though it wasn't my program!). Now, it seems, the author of the substrate screensaver port to Windows has let his website lapse and it's no longer available from there.

Well, that's not a big problem for substrate fans because I mirrored that particular screensaver along with the article I wrote and someone else has also ported it to Windows, as mentioned in the comments in the article above. But it now looks like people want the full program of WinXScreensaver with all the other screensavers and some curious screen-saver management abilities. Having scoured my extensive software archives of "stuff that'll come in useful one day", I have managed to locate a copy of this file (I never delete anything, but that doesn't always mean I can find where I put it. The Linux slocate command is worth its weight in gold as far as I'm concerned).

Given that it's based on XScreensaver which uses the X11/MIT open source license, I assume that the license of the Windows port allows me to mirror it and post it. I also assume that the original porter, Darren Stone of, doesn't mind me posting a copy here. Darren, shout if I'm wrong.

So, seeing as mirroring old files is now becoming a bit of a hobby for this blog, there is now a copy of the file up at my website.

It's WinXScreensaver1.1-Install.msi that I have, I have no idea if that was the latest version.'s history of the site is sparse at best. It's definitely an unmodified working version, though, because it's the one that I used to trial the program for something fancy I was going to do on my network. Hopefully people will find this useful. Enjoy! And give credit for the port to both the XScreensaver authors and Darren Stone.


Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks! Kind of you to mirror this. I did email the author as well, perhaps he will fix things at some point.

Anonymous said...

It sucks that we can't get an updated port of this. JWZ refuses to do anything and blames MS for Netscape tanking, etc etc...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stone has fixed his download link for his XScreensaver port, here. Note, one may need to right-click->'Save target as' on the link there to save the .msi file properly, as I had to.

Max said...

Too bad JWZ is living in the past. Maybe if he would stop using Lynx as his primary browser he would see that there is life after Netscape. It's very convenient to blame someone else for one's poor business decisions. The fact that Netscape never saw it coming defies logic, but that is a tale for Hollywood, I suppose.

Thanks for the link. If only Nvidia would stop loading drivers into the memory space above 3.5GB, I might be writing this on a BSD laptop. But then, the Xscreensaver for Windows port would be a non-issue, wouldn't it? Cheers, Max